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Meat Case TEC-250

Double Duty Refrigerated Meat Case

TEC 250 (Length 99″)



This stylish 99” refrigerated meat case will display your products on an irresistible way. The TEC Series has a modular design that permits to interconnect as many units as needed to customize the layout to your space needs.



Modular Systemmodular

The TEC Series has a modular design that allows interconnecting as many units as needed to customize the layout to your space needs. Make these state of the art refrigerated meat cases be the focus point of your business.

LED Lightingefood_0005_Background

The TORREY Refrigerated Meat Case features LED Lighting to provide a brighter display of your product while reducing energy consumption. LED lighting uniformly highlights your products attributes creating an irresistible product presentation. As you know better product presentation translates into higher sales.

Freezing Warehouse (Below)efood_0000_TORREY-TEC250-Freezing Warehouse

Efficiency is a key element that will set you apart from the competition. The TORREY refrigerated meat case features a freezing lower warehouse that will prove to be a great ally in the hectic environment of any butcher shop or meat market. This freezing warehouse provides ample storage capabilities with a temperature that ranges from 14of to 21oF.

Multiple Exhibition Levelefood_0001_TORREY-TEC250-Exhibition levels

We understand that your product is the star and we want to enhance it. Our adjustable plastic coated shelves provide an easy to clean surface and a perfect set up for your product presentation. The shelves can be adjusted to positions to accommodate your display needs.

Removable Worktable (rear)efood_0003_TORREY-TEC250 - Work Table

The TEC 130 comes fully equipped with a removable work table that will allow you to cut and prep meat or poultry in no time. The 19“x 11” work table it’s made of non-absorbent, odorless and taste-free material that meets the highest industry standards for use in food preparation of meat and poultry. This time saving feature will boost your productivity

Large Stainless Steel Top
efood_0004_TORREY-TEC250-Stainless Steel Top

Our Stainless Steel Top provides an effortless cleaning surface while providing sufficient work space to place a TORREY Electronics Scale, a deli slicer or a cutting table if needed or to beautifully display other non-refrigerated products.

Removable Sliding Doorefood_0002_TORREY-TEC250-Detacheable Windows

Our Refrigerated Meat case features removable sliding doors to provide easy access to the interior. By removing the windows you can effortlessly clean the inside or place your products for display. These double pane rear sliding doors will reduce heat transfer to the interior ensuring product freshness.

Characteristics TEC 250
CAPACITY (cubic feet) 64
CAPACITY (liters) 1812
OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE RANGE Exhibition 32ºF to 44,6 ºF
DOORS 4 Sliding door / 3 Manual
COOLING SYSTEM Forced Air Cascade System

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